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The Shoe Doctor is proud to host Russell Pate as our certified Pedorthist. Russell is trained in anatomy, physiology and foot biomechanics. Specializing in Foot Pain, Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis, he and his trained staff measure and analyze your feet, recommend proper footwear and manufacture a custom-made insole that helps support your arches and keep your feet properly aligned and balanced. Your foot analysis begins with making computerized 3-D mapping of your foot. A scanner with small probes gently rises to Milling Sole perfectly measure the contour of each foot. This allows us to see precise problem definition areas. You may find that part of your foot rotates outward while

another rotates inward, increasing pressure and stress, not only on your foot but also on the upper connecting parts of your body. Call for your Free Consultation today and end the pain.

No Two Feet Are Alike
So Off-the-Shelf Insoles Cannot Compare

The information from the digital foot scanner is sent to our computer, which does the complete weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing analysis. Your foot map will show current high-pressure points in red, green, and blue and how, with custom insoles, the stress points would be reduced. Your foot map is then

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used to manufacture a one-of-a-kind insole in our fabrication facility within one week.

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