How Can Custom Orthotics Prevent Injuries For Tennis Players?

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Injuries in every sport are common, even in seemingly less physically-demanding sports like tennis.  But if you’ve ever been playing a sport and felt a tweak or pain in your foot, you know how important the health of your feet can be in keeping you playing in top form.   

While playing tennis, the body is going to take some jolts.  You might start to complain about pain developing in your lower back, feet, or knees.  This is a sign that you might need some orthotics to help support your arches and increase your overall foot-health.  Orthotics are used by a number of caregivers for multiple reasons.  Chiropractors, pedorthists, orthopedists, podiatrists, physical therapists, and trainers are some of the specialists that offer orthotics.  They are used to line your shoe and help with the support of your foot.  Many times they are used to:

  • Better align the extremities with the foot.
  • Help with leg cramps and reduce fatigue.
  • Improve shoe comfort and support.
  • Help to use to improve the lifespan of old and worn-out shoes.

Do I Need Custom Orthotics For My Tennis Shoes?

Most people don’t realize the liner on the bottom of your tennis shoe is removable. This allows you to put in different insoles and more beneficially custom orthotics in a comfortable manner.  When the players are thinking about picking up some orthotics, they need to be made aware that there are two types.  Everyone is different in what they are looking for, so they can look at over the counter orthotics or custom orthotics.  

Are Over the Counter Orthotics Worth It?

Over the counter orthotics are just that, you can purchase them just as you do over the counter medications.  They are typically used to elevate mild issues such as a broken down shoe sole or give better arch support.  These are made in both genders and various sizes to fit the shoe properly.  These are typically inexpensive and don’t have a long useful life.  Many times if you find an OTC orthotic that you like they quickly become flat and lose their efficacy.  That is exactly what many tennis players need to avoid,  which is why The Shoe Doctor always recommends custom orthotics for all of their clients.  While insoles may be great for the first few days, in the long run they actually do more harm than good. 

What Are Custom Orthotics?

For the best support and experience, a custom orthotic is in order.  They are fitted to the pathology of your particular foot.  These are great for people that stand or walk a lot at their job as well as for playing hours of tennis.  They are custom made to help align your foot with the rest of your body and provide the maximum benefits possible.  Although they are a little pricier than generic insoles, they are made custom to each person and last much longer.  This makes them a no-brainer choice for serious athletes.

Where Do I Get a Pair of Personalized Orthotics?

The Shoe Doctor has specialized in providing custom orthotics for 20 years. The right orthotic insoles can greatly reduce foot, knee and hip pain while increasing performance and comfort. Russell at The Shoe Doctor will help educate and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your particular situation. We will create a 3D map of your feet and make custom orthotics for your hiking boots, everyday shoes, and everything else in between. These orthotics, along with our expert advice, will get you using orthotics like a pro, and have you performing at your peak of your abilities in no time!  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, give The Shoe Doctor a call to get the best custom orthotics in the area! We are here to assist you, give us a call at (925) 820-0220 for your free consultation!


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