Pronation Of The Foot & How Custom Orthotics Can Help

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Does your shoe show uneven wear on the inside part of the sole?  This is classic from someone that has pronation of the foot.  If you have this sort of tred, you may need to see your pedorthist to see about getting some custom orthotic insoles that will help with correcting this issue. These professionally designed 3-D custom-made insoles are called orthotics and are typically made custom to fit your specific foot and help you overcome this condition.

What Is Pronation Of The Foot?

Pronation of the foot is when the foot rolls inward toward the arch of the foot as you walk.  This is typically done due to your posture and not something you do on purpose.  Your body simply has this type of gate. While some people think that pronation is a bad thing, really, it isn’t.  It is allowing your arch to take the shock that it was designed to absorb.  Unfortunately, over time, it can wear on the knees, back and hips, and lead to painful conditions.  Pronation causes a posture issue and an alignment issue which in return will have other parts of the body aligned wrong, which over time can wear them out.  Pronation is a very natural part of how the foot is supposed to function.  However, there are different stages that the foot will go through, depending on the type and speed of the gate.

What Muscles Cause Pronation Of The Foot?

The Tibialis posterior is responsible for setting the tone on how the foot will move through the various stages of the pronation cycle.  This is a natural cycle that is there to help cushion the gate as the speed increases.  However, if the tibialis posterior is weak, it cannot slow the pronation stages down and the body will go through them much faster.  This can lead to painful foot issues that can only be solved by surgery or custom orthotics. Other factors that can cause pronation of the foot are ligament weakness, biomechanical distortions, or excessive weight.  If a person is walking on the inside of their foot for extended periods of time and sees that their shoe is wearing because of this, they may have overpronation problems.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pronation Of The Foot?

There are signs that will tell you if you have pronation of the foot.  Things such as if you walk with your feet flared out is a sign.  Another sign is if your internal knee has rotation to it and isn’t straight up and down.  Check your Achilles tendons and if they are bowed in some way, pronation is occurring.  However, this can be really bad, if you have flat feet.  Flat feet means that you don’t necessarily have the arch in the foot as you should, and this is typically because the arch has collapsed.

How Can Orthotics Help Pronation Of The Foot?

Custom orthotics help by pushing back on the arch of the foot and giving you the natural stance that you should have.  This will give your body a stable base that will help align the rest of your body.  This will help prevent any additional pain that could occur down the road.  Speak to your pedorthist to find out if you could benefit from using orthotics today.

Where Do I Get a Pair of Personalized Orthotics?

The Shoe Doctor has specialized in providing custom orthotics for 20 years. The right orthotic insoles can greatly reduce foot, knee and hip pain while increasing performance and comfort. Russell at The Shoe Doctor will help educate and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your particular situation. We will create a 3D map of your feet and make custom orthotics for your hiking boots, everyday shoes, and everything else in between. These orthotics, along with our expert advice, will get you using orthotics like a pro, and have you performing at your peak of your abilities in no time!  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, give The Shoe Doctor a call to get the best custom orthotics in the area! We are here to assist you, give us a call at (925) 820-0220 for your free consultation!


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