Why Custom Orthotics Are Better For Heel Pain Than Off The Shelf?

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When you have foot pain, any relief is appreciated. Some people may benefit from pre-made shoe inserts (foot orthotics) purchased at a drugstore.

Custom-made foot orthotics are an option that goes a step further. A podiatrist will first determine the source of your foot pain before creating a 3D model or taking an impression of your actual feet. Then, a custom foot orthotic is made for you to treat the specific nature of your pain. Patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, bunions, high arches, and various forms of arthritis can benefit from these made-to-order orthotics. Don’t suffer in silence if you have pain in one or both of your feet. These made-to-order orthotics are a quick and easy way to improve your quality of life, no matter what condition you may be experiencing. They can benefit patients with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, high arches or various forms of arthritis. Foot pain is never something that should go untreated so if you’re feeling any discomfort in either foot it’s best to call up a podiatrist who will help determine the appropriate treatment for you!

Over-the-Counter Inserts

Orthotics are over-the-counter inserts that are used to treat foot pain, heel pain, and other minor issues. Arch supports, for example, can be inserted into your shoes to help correct overarched or flat feet, while gel insoles are frequently used to provide comfort and relief from foot and heel pain by relieving pressure.

Prescription Orthotics

If over-the-counter inserts do not work for you or if you have a more serious foot problem, your podiatrist may be able to prescribe custom orthotics. These high-quality inserts are intended to treat issues like abnormal motion, plantar fasciitis, and severe heel pain. They can even be used to help diabetic patients by treating foot ulcers and painful calluses, and they are typically molded to your feet individually, allowing them to provide full support and comfort.

If you have minor to severe foot or heel pain, you should consult with your podiatrist about the possibility of using orthotics. A podiatrist can advise you on the best type of orthotics to use.

Who Should Wear Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are extremely beneficial following knee, hip, and lower back surgery, especially if the patient has a problematic foot type, such as a flat foot or a foot with a high arch. These devices are quite useful in aiding in the protection of the lower extremity.

Orthotics, in addition to providing relief for painful foot problems or injuries, may also benefit people who must walk or stand for long periods of time as part of their job. Overweight people may benefit from orthotics, which can help to counteract the extra stress on the feet. Minor issues are frequently magnified as a result of the increased weight.

Athletes’ sports involve a lot of movement and pressure on their feet. Slight foot imbalances, which may not be harmful or even detectable under normal conditions, may make a person more vulnerable to injury with the added stress of sports activity. Orthotics can reduce fatigue and promote efficient muscle function to improve performance by eliminating the need for the muscles to compensate for imbalances you aren’t aware of.

Foot orthotics do not treat foot or ankle problems like fallen arches. Orthotics, on the other hand, can reposition the structures in the foot to help them move properly and reduce the risk of injury. Custom orthotics can provide relief for many different types of foot pain including:

  • heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • arch pain
  • pain caused by bunions, an injury or a sprain
  • pain caused by running, walking and sports
  • pain related to diabetes
  • pain experienced by senior citizens whose feet change as they grow older

Remember, The 3 Arches of Your Feet Still Need Support!

Maybe you have already felt the first symptoms of balance disorders or you want to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Consider getting a foot orthotic device or simply take care of your feet. Start by washing them thoroughly with a gentle soap whenever you take a shower. Being a very complex support system, your feet are your first line of defense against balance-related issues, since their arches provide you with the stability you need in your daily life. It’s time to put your foot down and push back against balance issues. With both feet on the ground, dedicate yourself to keeping them comfortable and healthy. Give us a call and we will scan your feet to make you custom orthotic inserts.

The Shoe Doctor has specialized in providing custom orthotics for 20 years. The right orthotic insoles can greatly reduce foot, knee and hip pain while increasing performance and comfort. Russell at The Shoe Doctor will help educate and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your particular situation. We will create a 3D map of your feet and make custom orthotics for your hiking boots, everyday shoes, and everything else in between. These orthotics, along with our expert advice, will get you using orthotics like a pro, and have you performing at the peak of your abilities in no time!  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, give The Shoe Doctor a call to get the best custom orthotics in the area! We are here to assist you, schedule your free consultation here!


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