Do NBA Players Wear Orthotics?

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Often times, people look up to their NBA basketball idols as examples for the perfect athlete: effortlessly athletic, graceful and swift, and in perfect condition all year long. Fans know, of course, that basketball players work very hard and train all year to make each 3-point-shot that they attempt in every game. They know their basketball players have a team of support staff behind them, ranging from coaches to athletic trainers, to gear outfitters. The gear for basketball is famous, with jerseys branded in every player’s name, and with the famous basketball style trademark shoes. Children who aspire to play like their heroes often are gifted with these signature basketball shoes. However, what they don’t know is that the secret to great basketball isn’t just in the shoes.

Now more than ever, it is becoming apparent that each person’s foot is different. The old “one size fits all” is becoming more and more out of date. However, the basketball industry is just beginning to acknowledge that some of their most famous basketball players do, indeed, use orthotics. It is now providing a new marketing opportunity for them, but additionally, it is closing the gap between unrealistic expectations for the NBA players and their loyal fans.

Orthotics have been used by people for decades. While stereotyped for being for the “older crowd”, orthotics are a very good solution for people experiencing foot pain, ankle pain, and joint pain. There are both general and personalized orthotics. While general ones will do just fine adding support that shoes would not, personalized ones are proving to be more and more beneficial for athletes. They can really assist anyone who does any kind of prolonged activity on their feet.

The study of movement and the different types of support that people need is becoming more and more of a hot topic. Meanwhile, athletic trainers all over the country are already aware of how beneficial this personalized orthotics can be for their athletes. For example, at the University of Maryland, the head basketball trainer, J.J. Bush, takes “personalization” to a whole another level. By using a laser scanner, he is able to make a uber-descriptive map of the foot, and then have the scan 3-D printed, so that the design is true to his athletes’ feet. Additionally, the orthotic itself has been designed to please players, who like a soft heel, but still plenty of support, all while needing the shoe to be breathable as well. The art of pleasing NBA players is not easy, but overall, it extends the amount of time they can play, and the level of comfort that they will experience while playing, and after they get off the court.

“Besides the obvious advantages for athletes, there are numerous advantages that non-athletes have gained by also using orthotics.”

Besides the obvious advantages for athletes, there are numerous advantages that non-athletes have gained by also using orthotics. For example, a pair of famous Air Jordan’s, the trademarked basketball shoe, is around $140. That is the baseline price. Being uncomfortable after purchasing a pair of these is not fun, nor fair. The shoe comes with a bit of padding, but over a couple wears and intense games, the built in padding isn’t enough. So what can one do? Investing in a good pair of orthotics is the way to go here! By purchasing a good pair of orthotics, that pair of basketball shoes can last years! All with the lasting comfort of the first wear!

Where Do I Get a Pair of Personalized Orthotics?

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