4 Easy Plantar Fasciitis Prevention Tips You Can Do Today

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Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia caused by any motion of the legs that creates a pull on the plantar tendon. The annoyingly persistent pain of plantar fasciitis can happen to anyone if you’re not careful enough – it’s very common among runners. While home remedies can provide temporary relief, improving your running technique is your best defense. It can take 6-12 months for relief so here are some tips to help your feet heal faster and get you up and running with no pain, in no time!

1. Wear Proper Footwear Or Get Custom Orthotics

With plantar fasciitis, the tissue on the bottom of your foot gets inflamed and makes the bottom of your heel or the bottom of your foot painful to walk on. Replace your athletic shoes often and stay away from high heels. Insoles, arch supports, or custom orthotics (like those from at The Shoe Doctor in Dublin, CA) can give you extra cushion and added support; inserts that elevate the heels are also recommended. To ensure that your feet are optimally protected, the Institution for Preventive Foot Health suggests that you wear only properly selected and fitted padded socks with shoes with non-slip outsoles and get orthotics fitted by a professional.

2. Stretching is Key

Stretch your calves, Achilles tendon, and the bottom of your foot and do exercises that make your lower leg and foot muscles stronger. To strengthen arch muscles, place a towel on the ground, grab the towels with your toes and pull it towards you until you feel a stretch in the arch of your foot. Stand facing a wall an arm’s length away. Keeping your lower legs and ankles completely relaxed, lean into the wall by putting your hands on the wall directly in front of your shoulders and lowering yourself toward the wall. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat at least three times. These stretches can help stabilize your ankle, ease pain, and keep plantar fasciitis from coming back. Avoid high-impact activities including running and jumping, which put a lot of stress on your feet and can make your calf muscles tighter if you don’t stretch them out. Do low-impact exercises such as swimming or cycling that won’t cause pain or make your plantar fasciitis worse.

3. Avoid Running on Certain Types of Ground

Don’t go barefoot on hard surfaces and avoid running on hard or uneven ground. Land evenly on the middle of your foot instead of heel striking. This keeps your plantar tendon relaxed and reduces the impact on your heels. Don’t pull yourself forwards with your legs when walking or running. Engage gravity by letting your upper body lead and your legs follow. Throughout your runs, lean slightly from the ankles, keep your stride short, and land with your feet directly under your center of mass. Practice Chi Running Form Focuses to put you on the path to injury prevention and recovery.

4. Relax, Relax, RELAX

Last but not least, relax! Learn to relax your lower legs, especially your ankles and calves, whenever you’re walking, running, sitting, or standing. Tension held anywhere in your legs or glutes will pull on the tendon when you move. Cut back the amount of time you spend on your feet and the intensity and duration of your physical activity.

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