The Secret To Comfortable Shoes

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When buying shoes by far the most important element to consider first, is the shape of the shoe. Does that shape of that shoe match the shape of your foot?

However, first of all you must be aware of the shape of your foot. Do you have a narrow slender foot? Or is your foot a broad square foot?

These two types of feet will require completely different shape shoes. Most people don’t consider the shape of their foot when buying shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable, most likely they do not match the shape of your foot. The more aware you are of the shape of a shoe before you buy, the more comfortable it will most likely be.

I encourage people before buying a shoe to turn it over and look at the bottom of the shoe and see if the bottom of the shoe matches the shape of their foot. If the shape of the shoe does not match your foot, it doesn’t matter what size or what width you purchase the shoe in, it will never be comfortable.

If you are one of those people with a broad square foot, realize that most shoes are not made for you. You will probably need to go to a specialty store or some type of Comfort shoe store that that carries wider Square shoes. Typically these shoes don’t look as sexy as the narrow skinny ones and not as many shoe stores carry them.


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Russell Pate

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