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Between each leg of the tripod is an arch, giving you three arches in total. The most common known arch is the medial arch on the inside of your foot. There is also a transverse arch that runs from your big toe to your little toe and the lateral arch that runs from your heel to your little toe.

In a healthy foot, all of these archers are strong and don’t collapse. In the scans below, we have scanned each foot in a standing position and sitting position. The sitting scans are on the right and the standing scans are on the left. In a healthy foot, there is relatively no difference between the standing and sitting scans.

However in an unhealthy foot, there is a great difference because one or more of the arches collapse causing an imbalance in the foot. This imbalance can be transfer up the leg to affect the knees, hips, and back. With our computerize foot scanner, we can balance and align your feet just like the tire shop done with your tires.

In the scans below, there is a topographical map of the foot in color and next to that it’s a 3D image of the bottom of the foot in black and white. How you read the scans is the red is the highest pressure, followed by the green, then the dark blue and Light blue.

Looking at the colored scans on the right, you can see the tripod form by the heel, big toe and little toe. Now looking at the 3D images on the right hand scans, you can see the arches formed between the legs of the tripod. Now let’s look at the standing scans on the left, ‘ the lateral arches on the outside collapses on both feet causing pressure point indicated by red spots in the front of the foot. Also look at the 3D images on the left, you can see how collapsed the arches are.

What we do is take the 3D image of the sitting scan and make a computer generated custom orthotic which can be put into athletic shoe or a casual shoe to give the ultimate support to your foot need. (driving directions here)


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