Do Orthotics Prevent Injuries For Runners?

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Runners often want to ensure that they can prevent injuries while running. The foolproof solution to runner injuries has always been orthotics, shoe inserts that form to the feet and give support where needed. Custom made orthotics can be found from a pedorthist like The Shoe Doctor in Dublin, California. Unfortunately, orthotics have been less and less sought after by runners despite their arch support and evidence supporting their benefits. Let’s examine some questions surrounding the effectiveness of orthotics and if they’re benefits to runners and other athletes.

Custom/Semicustom Orthotics

A study by the University of Delaware analyzed whether custom or semicustom orthotics were better for runner performance. Subjects tested custom, semicustom, and shoes without orthotics. The study found that custom orthotics were certainly the most beneficial of the three. Comfort was the same for custom and semicustom orthotics but custom orthotics are often the best bet.

Proper Running Form?

More research is needed, but the question is posed if runners need to control pronation if they have proper form. Runners look for the best shoes but often do not focus on their form. Knowing how to run renders pronation control and the best shoes irrelevant. If you do not have proper form nothing will cause comfort control. Orthotics can be the best bet for training your feet, as they are known to allow a change in running form.

Short Term/Long Term Solution

Whether or not custom orthotics are a short or long term solution is really up to your needs and/or injuries if applicable. There used to be extensive belief that long-term orthotics use could actually weaken muscles; this was eventually proven to not be the case. If custom orthotics like those provided by The Shoe Doctor provide comfort, which is the most important aspect to running or activity, you should wear them. The Shoe Doctor is the premier source for custom orthotics in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you are near San RamonWalnut CreekLivermoreBrentwood, or Danville, we are conveniently located!

Orthotics are Beneficial to Runners

Most runners and physical therapists seem to agree that orthotics are beneficial to runners. A podiatrist in Baltimore stated that the foot has to withstand 3 times as much pressure when running, and a good orthotic is necessary to perform well and avoid injury. Though orthotics have been seen as the cure-all to foot pain, some disagree with the statement. It’s important to consider both sides of the argument; it depends on your personal opinion and needs.

Need Personalized Help for Orthotics?

The Shoe Doctor has specialized in providing custom orthotics for 20 years. The right insole can greatly reduce foot, knee and hip pains. Russell at The Shoe Doctor will help educate and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your particular situation. We will create a 3D map of your feet and make a custom orthotics for your shoes. These orthotics along with our expert advice will get you back to being able to walk peacefully. Our sole (ha ha!) purpose is to reduce your pain and make you comfortable again. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, give The Shoe Doctor a call to get the best custom orthotics in the area! We are here to assist you, give us a call at  (925) 820-0220 (here is a map to our location) for your free consultation!

“Our sole (ha ha!) purpose is to reduce your pain and make you comfortable again. Call The Shoe Doctor for an appointment today!”



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