How Do I Know if I Need Orthotics?

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It is important to take care of your feet, as you are likely on them in your everyday routine. Unfortunately, in our daily pursuits we often forget to ensure that our hands and feet are healthy. Not taking care of our feet by wearing good shoes or exercising can lead to health problems, such as plantar fascitis, an inflammatory condition in which plantar fascia attaches to the medial tuberosity of the calcaneus, or metatarsalgia, which can lead to pressure in the ball of the foot. In order to ensure that your foot pain does not escalate to something bigger, most doctors will suggest the use of orthotics, shoe inserts that form to your feet and assist in preventing chronic pain. There are many symptoms which can entail the need for orthotics. The most common is unexplained pain, such as in the back or the feet. Orthotics may be necessary if you have hip or back pain. This pain can be due to weak muscles that lead to poor foot position. Simple self assessments such as testing the pattern of your foot on wet paper towels may help, but ultimately you should consider getting professional help if there is any pain.

Various Signs Dictate The Need For Orthotics.

There are five signs that you may need orthotics. The first sign is that you stand for five or more hours a day. This can cause plantar fasciitis due to overuse of the feet, which can make orthotics necessary in order to alleviate the stress. Standing for excessive hours of the day can cause major foot pain and worn out soles, two other signs that you may need orthotics. While none of these are surefire indicators for any foot pain, you should see your primary care physician if any of these symptoms are true to you.

“Standing for excessive hours of the day can cause major foot pain and worn out soles, two other signs that you may need orthotics.”

Anyone Can Use Orthotics

Orthotics can be prescribed to any type of person, and some of the reasons why can include genetics or recent injury. Podiatrists or pedorthists may prescribe orthotics to athletes or people trying to get into shape who have back or foot pain, because orthotics can combat overuse. Unfortunately, some people are vulnerable to orthotics use due to their family history. For example, people with low arches pronate too much which can lead to serious pain. On the other hand, people with high arches experience pain due to their feet landing too harshly. In this scenario to be specific, the use of orthotics redistributes the weight away from the feet, most notably the metatasal bones which are susceptible to stress injury.

There Are Many Different Types of Orthotics

You may be wondering what to expect at a pedorthist appointment, and how the need for orthotics may even be determined. Your pedorthist will take a thorough examination, inclusive of watching you walk and noting how your body parts function. In the event that you need orthotics, your pedorthist will use a 3D scanner or make a mold or of your feet to form the orthotic. Depending on the type of shoes you wear, you will be prescribed soft or rigid orthotics. Soft orthotics provide cushioning to take pressure off uncomfortable parts of the feet, while rigid orthotics are made from plastic and used for professional shoes to ease foot aches. You can even get special orthotics made for ski boots or ice skates.

Orthotics Should Provide Comfort

Finally, you should always make sure that your orthotics are comfortable. Though more expensive than inserts, they are meant to form to your feet and feel normal. If they do not, make sure to tell your pedorthist. As always, be sure to see your doctor if you are having any pain. Foot pain is no exception; it can become serious quickly and there is no compromising when it comes to your health

Need Personalized Help for Orthotics?

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